Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lake of the Woods, Minnesota

   About two hours away from the city where I live, there is a place called the Lake of the Woods. Since me and my kids love to go camping all of the time, this is the place where we always go. When we go there, we stay for nights in a tent and just camp out in the woods. They have recreational hours for visitors use, and it is just a wonderful place. Right across from the camping area is a lake that is stocked with Trout and other fish. Here, you can rent a canoe or pontoon boat and just go out on the water. Whatever you catch, you can throw it on a grill at the camping grounds. They also have a bait shop and offer other thins that would make your visit even more pleasant. Year round, they celebrate all of the holidays and decorate the area so that more people will want to come. It is a great place to relax and have fun at. There has never been a problem for us when we went there, except for the company that we brought our own selves. If you go here, you will see all kinds of people and wildlife. Down the road from the camping site is a place called Fish lake where you and your family can catch some nice Bass.The whole area in those mountains is beautiful, and no matter where you go up there, you will have the time of your life.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sonne® Case For Samsung Galaxy S3/I9300 Black&White Cow Silicone Animal Case Review

   This case is one special case. I would call it moolicious! Not only is it able to express to the world your love for cow's,but also show people that you are unique in all that you do! In all seriousness,this is one good looking case. It has that certain "look at my phone" feel. We all like to have that certain cool item,and what better to have then something that sticks out every time that you use your phone.  This case not only is stylish,but it comes with a non slip outer silicone skin that provides a soft feel when using your device.  The outside core of course is so durable that if it was to be dropped,you will feel confident that your device was well protected. As an added bonus this case comes with a unique feature that comes in handy in all situations. It is a kickstand.  Imagine being able to set up your phone on a desk,table,or even your lap by pulling out the kickstand and watching that video of your friends.This is such a great feature for all of you users that use your phone for video's or games.  This case is a Hybrid case for the Samsung Galaxy Amp i520.


Sonne Case For Kyocera Hydro Edge/C5215 Pink Tpu Gel Skin Cover Review

   The Sonne Case For Kyocera Hydro Edge/C5215 Pink Tpu Gel Skin Cover case is both stylish and functional. The non-slip silicone makes it easy to hold and it doesn't slip off of surfaces either. It has a built-in kickstand which is quite convenient for viewing videos. The buttons on the phone are easily accessible for the user. This case does not interfere with the operation of the phone, and in fact it enhances it by both protecting and emphasizing its design.


   The current sale price is excellent, offering a seventy nine percent savings off of the suggested retail price given by the manufacturer. The purple color is quite vibrant and should appeal to many users who like that color. The material is well constructed and should withstand any bumps, scrapes, drops, or other mishaps that may occur during the daily usage of something as well used as a mobile phone. The kickstand operates smoothly and should withstand multiple uses. It also allows the user to have the phone propped up in either a horizontal or vertical position; the user should make sure that the rotation lock is disabled on the phone in order to use the kickstand in both positions. The silicone material, while durable, is also soft enough to make holding it in a hand or resting it on a leg comfortable.

LG Tone Pro/Hbs750 White Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

The LG Tone Pro/Hbs750 White Bluetooth Stereo Headset is an attractive product with an interesting and functional design. I was drawn to this product because it will fill a need I have for a high quality and comfortable headset. The features I found most attractive about the Tone Pro are the echo cancellation, noise reduction, and the wireless NeckBehind design.

I work as a transcriber from home. I need a headset that will allow me to hear clearly and doesn't hurt my head nor my ears. I recently spent a fair amount of money on a headset that is uncomfortable to wear after a short time. It is big, heavy, and compresses my ears. The cord is pretty much always getting in my way. In contrast, the LG Tone Pro headset looks light and comfortable. Thanks to bluetooth, there is no cord to get caught on or obstruct my keyboard while I'm trying to type. Also, the HD Voice, echo cancellation and noise reduction features are perfect for audio transcribing.

I'd never considered a wireless headset and now I see that it's exactly what I needed. Besides the functionality of the LG Tone Pro, the design and looks of it are also a plus. I like that they're not obnoxiously big or obtrusive. They have a nice, subtle, look.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sonne Case For Lg G2/Ls980 Lime Green/Purple Armor Bumper Spot Bling Case Product Review

I purchased the Sonne Case For Lg after I broke my cellphone by accidentally dropping it down a stairwell at school. It was such a hassle to get everyone's numbers back that I didn't want to risk it happening again! I'm naturally very klutzy and this case has made a huge difference for me. True to advertisement the cover does provide a good grip so I find myself inadvertently dropping it as I search through my purse a lot less often than I used to. And I can personally attest to the case withstanding a lot of abuse as yesterday I accidentally drove off with my cellphone on the roof of the car. Once I realized my mistake I honestly thought I was going to have to replace my phone again. However, I returned home to find my cellphone damage free and still in it's case where it had fallen in my driveway. The purple color was just like in the picture and I get complimented on it all the time. It's really easy to take your phone in and out of this case too, so you can clean it or get it to fit into a wristlet cellphone holder for going out. This year I got my sister the rubberized Sonne cellphone case for her birthday and she likes it but I really prefer the sleek look of this case. I highly recommend this product.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Review

    The future of entertainment is online. We all know that cable is quickly becoming an outmoded and expensive commodity, and that most of our entertainment now comes from the internet. With the rise of devices such as the Roku and Apple TV, many are streaming entertainment services directly to their television. The Amazon Fire TV stick may not be the first of such devices, but it is one of the most comprehensive, offering everything from streaming movies through Amazon Prime, to music and even video games. Streaming movies can be enjoyed with or without a Prime membership, as the Fire TV Stick links the consumer’s television set to a broad range of streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and more). Prime members, of course, get access to Prime. Like any streaming device, the Fire TV can be taken on go and plugged into any television with a USB port, granting the customer access to all the streaming media they want when they stay in hotels.

   For movies and music, the Fire TV Stick is all you need to stream from just about any service. For games, well, it probably won’t replace your home console any time soon. There’s an optional controller that can be purchased, which is based on the XBox 360 design, though blockier and less ergonomic. This isn’t really an issue, though, because the games available aren’t what anyone would call hardcore. The gaming library consists mainly of minor distractions like Flappy Bird and Tetris--although it does have a few classic gems, like Sonic 2. 

   The basic TV Fire Stick package retails for $39.00 USD. That makes it only slightly more expensive than the Google Chromecast ($35.00), and far less expensive than the Roku and Apple TV ($49.00 and $69.00 USD respectively)--and the Fire Stick has all three beat for the range of streaming services it connects with. Only the Fire Stick has Amazon Instant Video and Fox Sports Go, in addition to Sling and all of the other services offered by other streaming devices. More and more consumers are ditching cable and satellite. Streaming is the future of entertainment, and although it it somewhat lacking in the games department, the Amazon Fire TV Stick is certainly the definitive single device for online video and music streaming.

Sonne Case For Sharp Aquos Crystal Lime Green/Purple Armor Bumper Spot Bling Case [AQU-BLGRPP] Product Review

  At first I was hesitant to buy this case because how could a case possibly be this high of quality, while still being so cheap? I went ahead and purchased it, however, I have been nothing but impressed. The bright colors of the case attract attention from everyone, and the case itself keeps my phone in pristine condition. I have no worries if I would drop my phone now that it would be damaged with this quality case protecting it. If you are considering this case, get it! It is attractive and protective.

Introduction to Making Money Online

   In today's economy, the job market is congested with those seeking employment; there are simply more people in need of work then there are jobs available. This difficult situation will most likely get worse, with more and more former employers turning to contracted workers and automation to cut down on their own costs--however, in the strive for ever-lower overhead, companies have turned to a new frontier: contracted work over the internet, and this represents a new opportunity for those looking to make money online. Attempting to freelance on the world wide web can be as daunting, if not more so, than trying to find a job out in the real world, and it may seem as though there aren't any real ways to make money, but there are, buried under all the scams and unfair practices, legitimate opportunities out there in the final frontier that is the internet. It truly is the Wild-West out there: You’re on your own.

   The first thing a prospective freelancer needs to understand is that there are no comprehensive guides, or fast-tracks to success. Most likely, the first thing a prospective freelancer will encounter are websites and guides which promise that you will be making thousands of dollars daily. It should be obvious these are a scam. These websites intend to sell you expensive packets of useless information, or worse: steal your information. Other scams that should be avoided are those which require someone else to deposit money into your account, then have you move that money via check (this is money laundering, a federal crime), or those that have you receiving packages and affixing address labels to them (mail fraud). Criminal litigation may come down upon you if you fall for these scams. As a general rule of thumb: anyone who promises large sums of money for a small amount of work--or any website that makes any kind of claim about how much you will make on average--should be avoided. The fact of the matter is that, while there are many helpful articles, which can give a person a start, there really are no definitive paths to success. Much of the research and work must be done on one's own--this means plying one's skills and talents. The prospective freelancer must play to his or her strengths. Writers should at least attempt blogging, and there are also many writing-related sites out there (such as Odesk or iWriter). These websites usually have customers request articles to be written, and it is at the discretion of the customer as to whether or not you will be paid for your work. Rewards for freelancing sites such as those mentioned are often very small at first and, as always, your mileage may vary. A fair warning: Many such websites have strict quality guidelines, and your accounts will be revoked if you fall below of certain percentage of work accepted. This can lead to difficulty and frustration when you realize that the requester has the ability to reject your work unfairly, and (in theory) he should not be able to use your work--however, there are obvious workarounds that would allow him to circumvent any attempts by the website that would keep him from using rejected work (such as programs that can pull text from a PDF document).

   At the end of the day, the worker is not protected, and it will be up to you to protect yourself by researching and avoiding requesters known for bad practices, as well as those who just seem dubious. Being a freelancer means being on your own. That same can be said for other crowdsourcing websites such as Clickworker or Amazon Mechanical Turk. Like Odesk and iWriter, these websites offer their customers an on-demand workforce for whatever price they are willing to pay. Unlike Odesk and iWriter, such sites are focused more on what are called "micro-tasks": small jobs that can be completed in minutes (sometimes even in seconds) and are submitted in bulk. The thought is that the intelligence of the crowd is superior to that of a few workers, and the aggregate results produced by the crowd are what is valued here. These jobs usually involve some manner of data collection, and are often very repetitive. There is a large incentive for requesters to underpay, but with a little research and ingenuity, a decent profit can be made. It should be noted that websites that require a resume and application that must be accepted before you can work for them (such as Lionbridge) are known for treating their contracted workers far more reasonably than other platforms. If you think your skills and resume are up to snuff, then look into one of those. When attempting to make money online, research is imperative: Join a forum community dedicated to these kinds of work, or to a specific website where that work is offered. There are many forums dedicated to getting the most out of Amazon Turk, iWriter and Odesk, and the community can teach you how to avoid unfair or underpaying requesters, and how to get the most of the crowdsource industry.

   If your skills are more honed towards editing or graphic design, sites like Freelancer and Fiverr offer work in those categories. The payouts are usually low, but these sites are great places to start building up a base of customers who may even contract you on their own for better-paying gigs. If you're an entertainer, get a camera, a mic, and try youtube (singers and entertainers may find some work on Fiverr as well). With all freelancing websites, your permission to use the platform is at the discretion of the entity which owns that platform, and permission may be terminated at any time, and for any reason. Anyone looking to become a part of the crowdsourcing industry should understand this important fact: You are the not a worker for the company. You are not even a customer. You are the product. You are what the company is selling to the consumer: a cheap, on demand workforce. If the product under-performs, the company is within its rights to terminate it. That's just how it all works. Take care to protect yourself from those who might take advantage of you. Constant vigilance is needed more than anything if you are to be successful here. The good news is that you won't be working on these sites forever. The best advice that can be given on these sites is to treat them as launching pads for your career. As stated, they can be an excellent way of building a reputation and customer base, and may lead to better work down the line that won't leave you dependent on a third party (the micro-task-oriented sites, not so much, but Fiverr and Freelancer definitely have this advantage). Even if you don't find a customer base through sites like Amazon Turk, use them to build your skills and understanding. As with any career, it's all about pointing yourself in a direction and acquiring as many skills as you can. The internet is still very much the wild-west when it comes to employment. Scams are plentiful and easy to fall for, wages tend to skew low and the worker has little to no protection or safety net. Being your own boss means doing your own research and taking your own precautions. Still, there are opportunities for those with the stomach for this kind of work. As with anything, good things come to those who stick with it, and great things come to those who are vigilant. Hopefully, this article has been helpful in setting you on the path to profitable work on the world wide web.