Sunday, August 9, 2015

LG Tone Pro/Hbs750 White Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

The LG Tone Pro/Hbs750 White Bluetooth Stereo Headset is an attractive product with an interesting and functional design. I was drawn to this product because it will fill a need I have for a high quality and comfortable headset. The features I found most attractive about the Tone Pro are the echo cancellation, noise reduction, and the wireless NeckBehind design.

I work as a transcriber from home. I need a headset that will allow me to hear clearly and doesn't hurt my head nor my ears. I recently spent a fair amount of money on a headset that is uncomfortable to wear after a short time. It is big, heavy, and compresses my ears. The cord is pretty much always getting in my way. In contrast, the LG Tone Pro headset looks light and comfortable. Thanks to bluetooth, there is no cord to get caught on or obstruct my keyboard while I'm trying to type. Also, the HD Voice, echo cancellation and noise reduction features are perfect for audio transcribing.

I'd never considered a wireless headset and now I see that it's exactly what I needed. Besides the functionality of the LG Tone Pro, the design and looks of it are also a plus. I like that they're not obnoxiously big or obtrusive. They have a nice, subtle, look.

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