Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sonne® Case For Samsung Galaxy S3/I9300 Black&White Cow Silicone Animal Case Review

   This case is one special case. I would call it moolicious! Not only is it able to express to the world your love for cow's,but also show people that you are unique in all that you do! In all seriousness,this is one good looking case. It has that certain "look at my phone" feel. We all like to have that certain cool item,and what better to have then something that sticks out every time that you use your phone.  This case not only is stylish,but it comes with a non slip outer silicone skin that provides a soft feel when using your device.  The outside core of course is so durable that if it was to be dropped,you will feel confident that your device was well protected. As an added bonus this case comes with a unique feature that comes in handy in all situations. It is a kickstand.  Imagine being able to set up your phone on a desk,table,or even your lap by pulling out the kickstand and watching that video of your friends.This is such a great feature for all of you users that use your phone for video's or games.  This case is a Hybrid case for the Samsung Galaxy Amp i520.


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