Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sonne Case For Lg G2/Ls980 Lime Green/Purple Armor Bumper Spot Bling Case Product Review

I purchased the Sonne Case For Lg after I broke my cellphone by accidentally dropping it down a stairwell at school. It was such a hassle to get everyone's numbers back that I didn't want to risk it happening again! I'm naturally very klutzy and this case has made a huge difference for me. True to advertisement the cover does provide a good grip so I find myself inadvertently dropping it as I search through my purse a lot less often than I used to. And I can personally attest to the case withstanding a lot of abuse as yesterday I accidentally drove off with my cellphone on the roof of the car. Once I realized my mistake I honestly thought I was going to have to replace my phone again. However, I returned home to find my cellphone damage free and still in it's case where it had fallen in my driveway. The purple color was just like in the picture and I get complimented on it all the time. It's really easy to take your phone in and out of this case too, so you can clean it or get it to fit into a wristlet cellphone holder for going out. This year I got my sister the rubberized Sonne cellphone case for her birthday and she likes it but I really prefer the sleek look of this case. I highly recommend this product.

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